Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today's trip

Yesterday I found out Clay has a pulled muscle in his back.  Fun.  So he's to use some heat on it and some ibuprofen for pain, do stretches.  It was odd to me because he'd been fine all weekend and then as soon as he got to school, it was bothering him.  Add a big heavy messenger bag over one shoulder and walk the couple of blocks and now I see why.

So one thing I had him do yesterday was go back to a regular backpack.  I'm thinking that messenger bag was how his back got wonky in the first place.

Today we are going to the orthodontist to fix the loose bracket he has.  Yay!  I got a letter from the school last week about the number of partial days that he has missed.  When he had his adenoids out last fall, he had a hard time recovering from surgery.  He was really tired.  Instead of sending him to school and then letting him come home at lunch or something for the rest of the day, I sent him to school to go his first 3 classes, then he had PE (which he couldn't participate in for 2 weeks anyway) and band and then lunch.  I would pick him up and let him rest at home and eat lunch and then go back for his last 2 classes of the day.  He was out from 10:30 until 12:50 for those days.  We only live a block from the school and it was nice weather and I really didn't mind signing him in and out so he could stay in his main classes.  I've been playing phone tag with the assistant principal to discuss it.  Thankfully, she knows our family and is being great about it.  But Clay struggles in some of his classes and the school is concerned that those partial days are the cause.  No.  They're not.

Off to work on some laundry and get me and the little man ready to take Clay to the ortho.  And it's about 5 degrees today with 4 inches of fresh snow last night.  I'm wishing my day consisted of sitting at home on my couch....

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