Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday night

It's Sunday night and everyone is down for the count. Or at least they've been told to go to bed! lol I still have another week with the kids home from school. They are enjoying their time off. I can tell that Aleena is nearly 13. She used to be up early every day, but she's been taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep in. Not Trey! This morning at 7 he was ready to play Wii. I sent him downstairs to the basement for a while. I just wanted to sit in peace for a little while.

I thought maybe I'd knit or something but it was COLD in here. Someone had turned the heat completely off yesterday sometime. It was 55 when I got up. We aren't heat freaks by any means, but I'm used to it being about 65 when I wake up. So I sat under my blanket and just watched the news.

It is supposed to be a lot warmer this week. The past couple weeks have been in the teens and 20's. It's supposed to be almost 60 tomorrow. Too bad it's all so wet or I would take the kids to the park. It would be good for the little ones to run off some energy. Maybe Jack E can ride his new big wheel around the cul de sac at least.

I have been knitting a lot the past month. Most of it has been the same basic hat pattern, but I am getting so much more comfortable with it. I have been able to actually pick up dropped stitches and even rip back a little and not make a mess of the whole thing. I really want to make a pair of these, but they scare me. I may end up making these instead. I still feel more comfortable as a crocheter than as a knitter. If only Kathy were really my neighbor. *sigh*

Just wanted to chcek in here again this week. I've missed so many of my favorite bloggers since we all seem to be taking a bit of a hiatus during the holiday season.

More soon....

Friday, December 26, 2008

12 days' of Christmas wrap up

Sorry I didn't post on the 23rd or 24th. I think the only reader who was even checking in at that point was my mom. I know I haven't opened my google reader in days...and I usually check it every few hours!

The night of the 23rd we were invited to a home for dinner. It was cold and I had a feeling our big white German shepherd (who is about 9 and has bad hips) would decide he wanted a better place to lay down. I was right. He had pushed open the back gate (the latch is ineffective against a 125 pound dog) and was lying on the front porch when we got home after 10. Apparently he had also been there we our surprise arrived because it was on top of Duane's car that was parked in the driveway. We received 11 churros. They were huge and looked so yummy! (The kids had them for breakfast the next morning.) There was also a note that said "churro" is another word for pipe. Again we were thrilled to have an edible treat! There was also a clue that our admirer would be coming by the next night to reveal their identity.

So Christmas eve we kept waiting and waiting for what Emma was calling our "carolers". Finally we heard a knock on the door and singing. Outside was a family from the church Duane will be working with beginning in January. The woman is on the search committee and hoped this would be a great way to welcome us. We were glad to be able to thank them in person and talk a little about how much fun we had all had with this.

They gave us a black tin that had been decorated to look like a drum. It held some homemade treats and crackers and a cheese ball and summer sausage and goldfish crackers for the kids. It was great!

So our 12 days of Christmas is over and it was a little disappointing sitting at Christmas dinner last night and realizing that we wouldn't be getting another package in the evening. For any of you that want to do this next year, it is really great to be on the receiving end. And I have a feeling our family will be doing this next year for someone else!

Monday, December 22, 2008

On the tenth day of Christmas

I knew this would be a hard one. Especially if our true love stuck to the edible trend. Tonight on our doorstep we found

"Lords-a-Leaping Libation" (4 Breckenridge brewery Christmas ales) and

"Lords-a-Leaping Root Beer" (6 Stewart's Root Beer)

The kids were excited but we convinced them to save their sodas for Christmas eve. That will be great. Hopped up on soda and waiting for Santa!

What will the pipers bring tomorrow I wonder?

On the ninth day of Christmas

Sorry I didn't post last night. It was a crazy weekend trying to prepare for the holiday. The stress of it all is hitting I think.

We found a pretty little tray with 9 angel cookies on it on the front step last night. Emma kept saying she didn't see how they were dancing, but they were decorated beautifully. Some were blonde, some were brunette. Some had long hair, some had shorter hair. They were really beautiful.

And tasty!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the eighth day of Christmas...

I didn't post last night since I was trying to get out the door with my friends' 3 littles to get them home while mama is at the hospital laboring (or not, really).

At nearly 9 we had a a knock on the door. Trey opened quickly and saw 3 teens (he thinks) dressed all in black making a hasty escape. They left a box on the front step that said "All Maid with Milk". The contents?

2 gallons of milk
2 cartons of ice cream
1 half gallon of chocolate milk
1 carton of whoppers
1 carton of milk duds
1 can of whipped cream

Can't wait to see the 9 ladies dancing!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


My friend called earlier tonight. Wife's water just broke, bringing their older kids over. So happy and excited for them. Just talked with the mama earlier this week. She said she'd really love to have this baby by the weekend so she could be home by Monday and have their Christmas week at home without having to wonder when the baby would come. I love how God knows even those little desires of our hearts and grants them.

Peaceful labor thoughts, my friend.

Oh, we're still waiting for the eight maids a milking as well. I'll keep you posted on that, too!

Friday, December 19, 2008

On the seventh day of Christmas...

These folks are good! I got home from work this morning about 6:30. I came inside and made Duane his coffee. Since we just got our basket last night, I wasn't expecting anything this morning.

When Duane walked outside to get in his truck at 6:45 (and I was going upstairs to go to bed!), he saw 7 "geese a laying" on the walk up to the house. They were made of foil like you would have leftovers in from a nice restaurant. One of the geese was sitting on a pizza box. I peeked inside one of the geese and saw a single serving pizza. There was white tissue paper on top to help fluff it up, too.

Still in the realm of food. And a nice treat for the kids on their first day home for school for winter break. I shoved all 7 geese in the freezer. They got a little bent up but the kids will be able to unwrap their goose to get their own pizza out. I'll let you know later if there were any clues in there.

Then I went to sleep....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the sixth day of Christmas

Just heard the knock on the door. Trey and Emma about fell over Kelli racing to the door. Emma had been checking the front step about every 5 minutes, but she had finally given up.

Tonight we found a basket filled with 6 oragami geese, Easter eggs filled with chocolates and a little music box that plays "The Twelve Days of Christmas". There was also a note tied on the ribbon on the basket.

You've got to wondering
Who we might be!
The time will come to tell,
Just wait and see.

We're having loads of fun,
When else can you knock on a door and then run?
So sit back and relax--enjoy this little caper,
We'll give you some clues...but that will be later!

the sixth day of Christmas

I was making Duane's coffee this morning and told him to look on the front step. After all, the sixth day is geese a laying (not maids a milking like I thought yesterday in my sleepless stupor). I thought for sure we'd have a bunch of eggs on our front step.


That doesn't mean it won't be later, so we'll just have to wait.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the fifth day of Christmas

I came home from work this morning around 6:15. There was a plain brown box tied with some ribbons on the front step. I was really expecting to receive pineapple rings for today's "5 golden rings", but this box did not have pineapple.

I brought it in and started making Duane's coffee so he could head out to work. He opened the box to reveal 5 fresh bagels nestled around a tub of cream cheese. Five golden rings. Five bagels. There were also cranberry bagels and cinnamon raisin bagels underneath since 5 bagels wouldn't be enough for us all. And there was an extra tub of schmear, too.

As we have told people about this, they always suggest hiding out and waiting to see who it's all from. But it hasn't been the same time each day.

Day 1 7pm
Day 2 7:45 pm
Day 3 6 pm
Day 4 between 6 and 7:30 am
Day 5 before 6:15 am

I wonder what 6 maids a milking will look like tomorrow. There are a few different places on the web that give suggestions on how to do this. It really is a fun idea. It's like being booed at Halloween or the old May baskets I did as a kid, but this is a much larger scale since it's for 12 days. We are all wondering who our "true love" is. We have our suspicions, but not totally sure.

Aleena spent the day on the couch yesterday interspersed with some vomiting. She had a fever last night too. Today I think she is better. She's hungry and hasn't thrown up since sometime in the middle of the night. Oh, and she's a little bossy with Kelli and Jack, too so she must be feeling better!

I am just tired today. The job I'm working right now is a hard one. I think it's because I am in the guest room and not in the room with the babies but I just don't sleep there. I did get one big nap of about an hour and fifteen minutes last week one night. I spend the night in that half awake half asleep state. Then I come home and try to sleep on the couch for a good hour before I have to make sure kids are going to school. This morning I didn't sleep. Trey was downstairs early fighting with Clay. Then Kelli came down and she is just cranked up. Then Jack was down. And Aleena was down. Emma finally appeared too. Everyone was crabby and arguing. No sleep for mama. If I go to my bed I have the WORST time trying to get up at 7:40 so I try to stay on the couch. Thankfully I don't work again until Thursday night and the kids don't have school on Friday so I will just come home and get into bed. YAY!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the fourth day of Christmas...

We found a bag on the front porch. In it was a turkey and an old phone.

So far everything has been edible. LOVE that part!

Monday, December 15, 2008

On the third day of Christmas...

Duane got a call on his cell phone. "It's the third day of Christmas. There are 3 bags in front of your garage. Merry Christmas." The number was withheld so we have nothing to go on there.

But in the bags, were rotisserie chickens. Michele, Daniele, and Jaqueline. With a note on top of one that said, "Joyeux Noel"

Three French Hens

we have an admirer

Well, I think there may be more than one!

Saturday night Duane and I were out and Trey called me to tell me someone just left a "platter of pears". This is Trey we are talking about so who knows what it could really mean. I told him I'd check it out when I got home.

Apparently, someone left a pretty Christmas plate filled with pears and a little cut out of a partridge. On the back of the partridge was written, "On the first day of Christmas..."

We speculated about who that might be. Aleena suggested my secret boyfriend. We had been at a function that night with our church so we knew it was no one from there. They all had an alibi.

Last night, we wondered if we would get 2 turtle doves. Almost. About 7:45 I was getting up to get a snack and heard our screen door open. I just waited, heard the knock and gave them a second to make their retreat. After all, if they are trying to be anonymous, we should just enjoy it, right? I opened the door to find 2 packages. Each had 2 boxes of turtles candy and a box of Dove ice cream bars. And a note that said, "On the second day of Christmas..."

This one had different handwriting. Different author and originator I'm sure. This is so much FUN! So we are wondering what our 3 French hens will look like tonight!

BTW, it was after she had eaten her ice cream bar and had time to process it all that Aleena said, "Hey, they started this so that the twelfth day of Christmas will actually be at Christmas!" Yes, her blonde goes all the way through!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

should have gotten a picture

I made my first amigurumi bunny yesterday. I didn't take a picture since I was frantically trying to do about five other things too. I spent most of the day just sitting and crocheting. I wish I could do that today, but the laundry is waiting. And we need fruit from the market. I have a couple of things to do this afternoon, too.

It's really cold here today which is never good for the motivation. It's like 4 or 5. Seriously. That's super cold for Denver. I may have to bake something today to have an excuse to turn the oven on! lol

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I got a package...

...and now I MUST learn to knit socks. My very favorite cyber friendKathy sent me a box yesterday. There were some socks and a couple of hats and some mittens. I put on a pair of socks and fell in LOVE. I have been wanting to learn to knit socks for a while now and now I MUST!!!

These are awesome! And they are so pretty too.

Thanks Kathy. You are the best!! If only you lived closer...I would be at your house all the time learning to knit socks from you!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I just read this on another blog.

After raising 3 girls and 3 boys I've decided boys give you gray hair and then girls make you want to make you pull it out.

mom to 3 boys, 27, 24, 18 and 3 girls 26, 23, 16

Is this what I have to look forward to?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

knitting fool

That's what I am. Well, kind of. I didn't knit much on Monday or Tuesday, but I just finished a hat this afternoon. It feels so good to have a plan for the holidays and be getting stuff together. There are some people on my list that I want to craft for that have been harder to think of ideas for. I did find something I really like though. However in the spirit of "my mom is a total peeker and can't keep a secret at Christmas" I am not posting my idea until AFTER the holiday.

As wives, you know how easy it is to complain about our husbands. They start projects and just don't finish them? Well, I have lost all my rights to complain. On Saturday morning I picked up the second mitten of a pair I started nearly 4 years ago. At the time I was making them for Aleena (who will be 13 next month). Well, they have been sitting in my yarn stash untouched for the longest time. Emma (who is 7) saw them a month or so ago and wanted me to finish them for her. So I finally picked them up Saturday morning and had the second mitt completed in about 20 minutes. I let them sit all that time and it took such a short time to finish them! ARGH!!! Why did I do that? Anyway, I just finished a matching hat and am debating on a matching scarf. Emma isn't a big scarf person, but maybe if it all matches?

Anyway. Just wanted to say that I am still here. Working nights last week, this week and next week. I spend most of my down time half asleep trying to conserve energy. Today I did realize that I could read blogs, check Facebook and have an online chat while knitting!

Monday, December 01, 2008

3 down

I finally finished another Christmas gift yesterday on the way home from church. (I love doing small projects while I am riding in the car. I feel like I'm being so productive!) Then I started and finished another yesterday afternoon. I chickened out and didn't do the wristers patten I was thinking of but did a simple scarf instead.

I started a hat last night. UGH!!! I realized that trying to do a hat (that will be 22" around) on 29" circular needles is just not going to work. While I really like the idea of being able to do it in the round, I think I will have to do it as a flat panel and then sew it up. I don't want to crochet it since I have NO idea how big this person's head really is and need the stretch that comes with knitting.

Enough craft talk? That's where my head is this morning. I have lots of "stuff" to do today and need to figure out what to do first. Now it's time to go wrestle my 2nd grader out of her warm bed and convince her that she really does love school.

Have a great day.