Monday, December 15, 2008

we have an admirer

Well, I think there may be more than one!

Saturday night Duane and I were out and Trey called me to tell me someone just left a "platter of pears". This is Trey we are talking about so who knows what it could really mean. I told him I'd check it out when I got home.

Apparently, someone left a pretty Christmas plate filled with pears and a little cut out of a partridge. On the back of the partridge was written, "On the first day of Christmas..."

We speculated about who that might be. Aleena suggested my secret boyfriend. We had been at a function that night with our church so we knew it was no one from there. They all had an alibi.

Last night, we wondered if we would get 2 turtle doves. Almost. About 7:45 I was getting up to get a snack and heard our screen door open. I just waited, heard the knock and gave them a second to make their retreat. After all, if they are trying to be anonymous, we should just enjoy it, right? I opened the door to find 2 packages. Each had 2 boxes of turtles candy and a box of Dove ice cream bars. And a note that said, "On the second day of Christmas..."

This one had different handwriting. Different author and originator I'm sure. This is so much FUN! So we are wondering what our 3 French hens will look like tonight!

BTW, it was after she had eaten her ice cream bar and had time to process it all that Aleena said, "Hey, they started this so that the twelfth day of Christmas will actually be at Christmas!" Yes, her blonde goes all the way through!!!


Kathy said...

Oh! How much fun is that!?! Keep us informed so we can enjoy it vicariously. Lords aleaping could be fun!!!

JC said...

I just came over from Kathy's site. I'm so excited for you. I'm wondering about the 5 golden rings. I'm knew to your site but I will come back and visit. I'm a WW as well.

ArleneWKW said...

This made me smile. I like the way your "admirer" uses the items in the song in creative ways, eg. turtle candy + Dove ice cream