Thursday, February 17, 2011

morning mayhem

When we enrolled Jack in preschool for this year, he was put in the afternoon class since he's an "older 4"...meaning he was 5 less than two months after school started.  I wasn't sure how this would work.  He gets out at the same time the elementary bus arrives at our house.  Then again, if he was in the morning class, he would start at exactly the same time the elementary girls do.  That means they would get on the bus and we would leave immediately for the trip to preschool.  Which would be great for most people.  Not me.  I barely make it out to the bus stop most days because I'm still in my pj's.  So....I'm not here when the little girls get off the bus Monday through Thursday.  There are other kids here, though.  And I'm home about 15 minutes later.  Just enough time for them to eat enough junk food for snack that they can eat something healthy as I walk in the door.

(And quite honestly, this afternoon thing works really well for me with working overnights.  I do my stuff in the morning with my little helper and then take him to school and NAP until the older kids start trickling in.  It's so good that I requested afternoon kindergarten, too)

Since I don't have to get the littlest one dressed and fed and out the door, mornings go in stages here with relatively little stress.  The high school bus comes at 6:50 so Bella is up and at it early.  But she is also out the door before most of the other kids are even awake.  Once she's gone, the middle school boys are usually up.  Their school is a block away and starts at 7:54.  That means Trey usually leaves at 7:20 (oh, I remember those days of walking the halls before school....seeing and being seen!) and Clay leaves at 7:40.  Somewhere in the middle I make sure the little girls are up.  Their bus comes at 8:10.  Kelli is usually pretty easy to rouse, but Emma has been know to hear me say, "The bus is coining in 5 minutes.  GET UP NOW!!!"

Then the drama is over and Jack plays while I check my Facebook.  Easy peasy.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching up

It was quite a weekend....lots of fun and not enough sleep and now we are paying the price.  D feels like he's getting sick, some of the kids are feeling sick.  For them, especially the younger ones, I think it has more to do with the amount of sugar they consumed yesterday than anything else.

We had planned to do a chocolate fondue after dinner last night, but there were too many of them feeling icky or just plain tired for that to happen.  I had given all the kids a chocolove bar so they had a little treat at home too.  I think we will plan a fun night Friday with chocolate and maybe pizza before that.  There's no school on Friday.  Or Monday for the President's Holiday.  I love February.  Not only is it the shortest month, but it seems the kids are out of school all the time.  And in the winter when we are tired and feeling puny, all that extra sleep is so nice.

I met with my knitters on Saturday morning.  It was nice to sit and talk about our crafting.  There are couple there who like to start things but aren't good at the finishing.  Now they have some accountability to get something done before we meet again in 2 weeks.  I like to finish a project before moving on, but I also like to have something small to do during car rides or in church so sometimes I need to have 2 projects going.  Then there's that sock that I need to work on.....

We have been having a February thaw the past few days.  After the beginning of the month when it was so cold and we were getting snow, we have been into the 50's for a few days now and it looks like we have a couple more.  It's so refreshing after the brutal cold.  The kids have been playing in the snow in their shirtsleeves.  A little funny to see, but they are outside and that's a very good thing!  They've been using the snowball maker contraption to make piles and piles of snowballs, too!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm so glad it's Friday, though I'm not really sure why.  I still had to get up early and get everyone out the door, though the 2 oldest are pretty self-sufficient in that regards.  I barely see Bella in the morning, since she's out the door at 6:45.  ugh, I know, right?

And the little girls have an early dismissal today.  Kelli will be home by 1, but Emma is going to the local skating rink.  They do it as a fundraiser for the school.  The rink opens a little early and the school provides a bus to take kids there that want to ride the bus.  Then it will take them back to the school at regular dismissal time, too.  Since Emma is older, I'm letting her go and have fun.  Kelli is only a first grader and has to come home to see ME.  HA!

The 2 older kids will be at the high school basketball game tonight.  Even though Trey isn't in high school yet, they do an ice cream social time before the game and encourage the incoming freshman to come hang out and feel grown up.  It will be fun for him since there will be kids going to that high school he hasn't really seen since elementary school.

So that means I will be home alone with the 4 younger kids.  D is pouring pints at a local brewery tonight.  He works for tips there, so we are always hoping for a good night.  Or at least gas money for him for the week.

I don't know what it is about Friday's, but I don't want to do any "work" on those days.  No laundry, no cleaning....I just want to play.  And today is sunny and it's supposed to be into the 40's again finally.  A perfect day to blow off responsibilities, right?

I didn't get to knit much yesterday.  And I'm frustrated because I don't like how the project I just started is coming together.  I'm using yarn that I had crocheted into a shawl years ago and never liked it.  In fact, the shawl never made it out of the yarn basket I hated it so much.  I guess the shawl is fine, but I don't really wear I ripped it out and was going to make that yarn to knit a cowl.  Not liking it at all.  But at least I have 3 balls of a gorgeous raspberry yarn to use for something else!

Happy weekend, blogworld!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff to do

I've been knitting a lot more this week, and that means I feel like I haven't been doing the other things I should.  Like cleaning.  I have picked up, have the 4 loads of regular laundry, a load of sheets, 2 loads of towels and another load of towels going.  And I've also made dinner every night.  Well, except last night.  It was a much needed "please eat all the leftovers" night.  But I did bake a yummy oatmeal for this morning last night.

Anyway....just trying to find a little balance I guess.

I'm starting a knitting group with some friends on Saturday.  We plan to do something service related as well as have lots of fun!  And my neighbor who doesn't know how is coming to learn to knit!  I'm very excited about that.

More later!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today's trip

Yesterday I found out Clay has a pulled muscle in his back.  Fun.  So he's to use some heat on it and some ibuprofen for pain, do stretches.  It was odd to me because he'd been fine all weekend and then as soon as he got to school, it was bothering him.  Add a big heavy messenger bag over one shoulder and walk the couple of blocks and now I see why.

So one thing I had him do yesterday was go back to a regular backpack.  I'm thinking that messenger bag was how his back got wonky in the first place.

Today we are going to the orthodontist to fix the loose bracket he has.  Yay!  I got a letter from the school last week about the number of partial days that he has missed.  When he had his adenoids out last fall, he had a hard time recovering from surgery.  He was really tired.  Instead of sending him to school and then letting him come home at lunch or something for the rest of the day, I sent him to school to go his first 3 classes, then he had PE (which he couldn't participate in for 2 weeks anyway) and band and then lunch.  I would pick him up and let him rest at home and eat lunch and then go back for his last 2 classes of the day.  He was out from 10:30 until 12:50 for those days.  We only live a block from the school and it was nice weather and I really didn't mind signing him in and out so he could stay in his main classes.  I've been playing phone tag with the assistant principal to discuss it.  Thankfully, she knows our family and is being great about it.  But Clay struggles in some of his classes and the school is concerned that those partial days are the cause.  No.  They're not.

Off to work on some laundry and get me and the little man ready to take Clay to the ortho.  And it's about 5 degrees today with 4 inches of fresh snow last night.  I'm wishing my day consisted of sitting at home on my couch....

Monday, February 07, 2011

Going to the doctor

Not what I had planned for today, but Clay has been complaining of back pain for a week now.  But only sometimes so I wonder......

Thankfully the co-pay is tiny, so I will let the doctor (who knows far more than I least in my kids' opinion!) give the diagnosis.

In the meantime, I am trying to get my Monday morning work Jack seems to get it undone.  I really did just vacuum the family room, but Jack has been cutting things out of construction paper, so.....It's clean up time again.  And right now that same little man is trying to figure out how to take the bottoms off of 2 empty soda cans that he has taped together.  They will be his new binoculars.  There is never a dull moment with that boy.....

Saturday, February 05, 2011

just another Saturday night

I had grand plans for myself yesterday.  I didn't do it all.  And that's OK because I didn't hurt anyone either and that's an accomplishment.

I'm hormonal these days.  That translates into being irritated that my children would even think of leaving the room I am in.  Or talking.  Weird I know, but I want them all around and silent.  It's my control issue I know.So one kid having friends over and 1 being out to dinner and 2 going on sleepovers (1 is still not home and I won't see her until TOMORROW because of scheduling and weather....long story), I was in a MOOD.

But I fed them all and cleaned my kitchen.  And then I fed them some more and cleaned the kitchen some more.  And now dinner is over and my kitchen is clean.  Again.

I did plan my meals for the week and I'm ready to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Having that planned feels like a major accomplishment.

It's that season now where we are limited as to what fresh vegetables we have.  Potatoes, carrots, leeks, beets, onions, celeriac....and more winter squash than I even want to think about.  No cabbage this winter and I am missing it.  So I'm trying to plan around what's in the freezer and what's preserved from the summer.  The potatoes will soon be gone and I will be getting creative with our starches.  With a big growing family, a starchy side dish is what fills them up sometimes.  If it's not potatoes, then it's rice or bulgur or quinoa.  Tonight I made a dish with mushrooms and barley.  YUM!

I have been knitting a ton the past week, too.  I am working on a sweater/jacket thing for myself.  And D asked me to do something for some co-workers who have just had babies.  I'm doing little hats for them. They go really fast.  I have one done and I hope to finish the second one tomorrow during the big game! I'm so not into the football...just the commercials.  I just hope I can sit and watch instead of cooking the whole time.  I love to cook but some days I just want to order take out.....

D and Kelli are at the father daughter dance tonight.  Emma didn't want to go and she got her wish since she's not home from her friend's house yet.  I'll post a pic of my little lovely soon.....

Friday, February 04, 2011


In just a little bit, I'm taking Jack E to the elementary school to sign him up for kindergarten.  Basically I have to prove that we live where we do (via utility bill) and prove he's old enough to finally go (via birth certificate).  It's public school.  They HAVE to take him.  This is just the first of the school hoops he will jump through in the next 13 years.  Or so.

He's of course sooooo excited because his sisters are still there.  And they will be there next year when he's a full fledged kindergartener.  I'm sure the office will be breathing a sigh of relief that this is the last of our clan.  Trey had a teacher shocked the other day to find out that there were 4 more kids coming up through 8th grade behind him.  Yep!

My to do list yesterday?  I finished it!  Well, except for the load of jeans still in the dryer waiting to be folded.  But it's jeans....those are easy.  Today, I am going to register for kindergarten, make a quick trip to the grocery store, take treats by the middle school for Trey, work on the big huge grocery list for the beginning of the month grocery run, plan a week's meals, bake bread, and make dinner.  Tonight is a little bit of revolving door around here.  Clay has 2 friends coming for a sleepover to celebrate his birthday from last weekend.  D will leave for work around 4, Emma is getting picked up for a sleepover birthday party at 5:15 and an old friend is taking Bella to dinner at 6.  So tonight it's me and Kelli and the BOYS!

Now I'm off to fold those jeans.....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

So cold

It's been crazy here in Denver lately.  I think this has been one of the colder winters we've had, but we haven't had much snow.  This week has been COLD...and that's coming from an Iowa born girl!

On Monday, it was a little snowy and supposed to drop to around 0.  When school was let out, all after school activities were cancelled (that meant no basketball practice after school or evening wrestling for Trey) and school had already been cancelled for the next day!

Trey shoveled the little bit of snow we had.  D got home from work and we just hunkered down, ready to be chilly.  Trey wanted to make plans to sled on Tuesday.  When the high was supposed to be well below 0.  I was the total party pooper and said NO WAY!  If you can't go to school because it's too cold to go out, do you really think you should be out playing in the cold?

The kids had no school Wednesday either because of the cold!  Crazy....but I really enjoyed having a little break  in the schedule this week.  Except.

I get so much more done when they are all gone.  Yes, they pitch in and help with things.  But I have a rhythm to my week that doesn't include having all the kids home.  And feeding them breakfast and lunch and snack every day.  Thankfully they don't eat all day.  That would make me nuts.  But they do go through the treats (like the 3 loaves of banana bread( when it's time for snack.

Now I need to finish 4 loads of laundry and pick up and vacuum and clean up the kitchen and go to the bank and take Jack to preschool and go to the phone store and get a shower and pick Jack up and go to a basketball game and make dinner and go to choir practice tonight.

Here's a picture of Jack and Kelli from a few days ago.  This is how we've spent many of the past few nights, on the couch with a movie.