Tuesday, October 17, 2006

new appliances!!!

We were coming home from church on Sunday and passed a yard sale. D always has to look! lol this guy had a fridge that he and some partners had bought for a new office site a year ago. Apparently they never got the office site and this fridge has just been sitting in his garage. It said $60/OBO...we paid 50 for it. It's in my garage and it works great!!! D stopped at the store and got 4 gallons of milk last night...yeah! An extra fridge is soooo great for this TOK mama...and I only have 6!

My in-laws also bought us an extra freezer. We have a chest that is filled after so much freezing of veggies and stuff this summer. The new one is an upright that I can use for extras...bread, cheese, meat, etc.

And our friend who is an electrician is coming over tomorrow to help D put in 2 new breakers for our garage so all that isn't coming off of one!

Such a happy day for a TOK mama!

And it's snowing today in CO...but I already weeded through the pile of boots on Sunday when we cleaned out the garage to make room for the new fridge and freezer. I'm feeling so prepared for winter this time. Usually, there is a mad scramble the first snow day to see if everyone even has boots and then I try to run to Target for the kid who went to school in just tennis shoes. Last year Target was sold out of the size of snow boots I needed! Thankfully, here in Denver the snow disappears so quickly that the kids rarely need snow boots the next day!