Sunday, March 29, 2009

what's going on

It's been crazy lately. The kids were on spring break last week and we got 16 inches of snow on Thursday. They had a good time playing in that. Clay has been sick, hacking away, so he had to stay in. I have barely sat down to read blogs let alone right on my own. Not sure why. I guess I've been trying to rest instead.

It feels like I have just been in survival mode lately. Trying to get some sleep, waiting for the next payday, keeping the kids entertained and off each other's backs. Suddenly a week ago it hit me that I am working a LOT. I added one extra night one week and that put me to 40 hours for the week. I realized that is really a full time load. I don't know why the jump from 32 to 40 hours suddenly made me realize it, but it did. I do get a few hours of sleep while I am working, but not always. Sometimes I will only really get 2 hours. Last week I came home and slept each morning since the kids were all home and could watch the younger ones, but normally I have to wait to get a nap after lunch. I often will take a nap after dinner too, but then I miss hanging out with my family, too.

So it's been survival of sorts. I really feel like I need to get more organized, too. Like mop on Mondays, bake bread on Saturdays and Wednesdays. That kind of thing. I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

chick pics

baby chicks

We got 8 new babies yesterday! They were born on Monday...the day I turned 39, btw!

So now I will have even less time to blog! LOL

The chicks are just adorable right now. The kids could watch them for hours I swear, keeping me updated on who is pushing who, who is pecking who, who has pooped in the last 30 seconds. Just what I need. More tattling! :o)

I will do another post with their little picture.

Monday, March 09, 2009

enjoying my hippiness

Is that a word?

Yesterday we were at a brew party with a bunch of new friends. It was great to get to know these people, but also to realize that I really am enjoying being the weird one who makes kombucha and kefir. Not to mention yogurt. I didn't tell them I make laundry detergent too! lol

And D is always so very much in his element when he is brewing beer and teaching others about the process.

Friday, March 06, 2009

the moodiness!

And I'm not just talking about me!!!

My oldest daughter turned 13 in January. The oldest boy will be 12 in May. Both in middle school...and both unpredictable when it comes to moods.

Middle son turned 10 in January. (Half my kids are now in double digits!) Middle girl will be 8 in April. I can't blame anything for their mood swings. Well, the boy is starting to get to the age where he starts getting "those" moods. Any my middle daughter? She's been a spitfire since baby hood. I remember talking to hubby on my cell while driving in the car and he couldn't hear me over her yelling. She was the only one in the car with me and wanted. my. ATTENTION.

My 2 littles are crazy. They aren't so moody as just constantly needing something. I forget how draining the constant conversation can be.

And yet, part of me is so profoundly sad that next year I will send 2 out the door at 7:30 for middle school and then put 3 kids on the bus at 8:10. I will have one lonely boy home with me every morning. I haven't had that...well, ever! Oldest 2 kiddos are only 15 months, 9 days apart so it seems we've always had at least 2 kids around. And having the 3rd the day after the oldest turned 3 really put us into group mentality quickly.

No wonder the baby is so "babied". He's the only one to have this life experience. I hope people will be able to tolerate being around him when he's grown!