Friday, March 06, 2009

the moodiness!

And I'm not just talking about me!!!

My oldest daughter turned 13 in January. The oldest boy will be 12 in May. Both in middle school...and both unpredictable when it comes to moods.

Middle son turned 10 in January. (Half my kids are now in double digits!) Middle girl will be 8 in April. I can't blame anything for their mood swings. Well, the boy is starting to get to the age where he starts getting "those" moods. Any my middle daughter? She's been a spitfire since baby hood. I remember talking to hubby on my cell while driving in the car and he couldn't hear me over her yelling. She was the only one in the car with me and wanted. my. ATTENTION.

My 2 littles are crazy. They aren't so moody as just constantly needing something. I forget how draining the constant conversation can be.

And yet, part of me is so profoundly sad that next year I will send 2 out the door at 7:30 for middle school and then put 3 kids on the bus at 8:10. I will have one lonely boy home with me every morning. I haven't had that...well, ever! Oldest 2 kiddos are only 15 months, 9 days apart so it seems we've always had at least 2 kids around. And having the 3rd the day after the oldest turned 3 really put us into group mentality quickly.

No wonder the baby is so "babied". He's the only one to have this life experience. I hope people will be able to tolerate being around him when he's grown!

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Mary Kate said...

I have BOTH situations at home right now: the moodiness AND the baby by himself!

My 2 oldest (boys) are 13 and 10 and VERY moody, but in different ways (makes things interesting!). My 8 year old daughter is apparently trying out the emotional aspect of puberty a little early; her father is beyond confused! lol

And, since last January I have had the oldest 4 in school all day long, with the now-19-month-old at home with me.

While he IS lonely for his siblings, at times, he and I get to do so many things that he would, otherwise, never be able to do. We go to the zoo and then come home to nap, we go for long, slow walks. We climb the stairs as slowly and as many times as he likes.

In a way, it is reminiscent (but in a much happier way) of spending that kind of time with my 4th child, after his baby sister died. Before our 19-month-old came along, #4 and I went to movies together, took naps, went for ice cream, etc.

After all we've been through, I am thoroughly enjoying this slow, "comfy" time. I hope that when the time comes, you do too!