Monday, March 09, 2009

enjoying my hippiness

Is that a word?

Yesterday we were at a brew party with a bunch of new friends. It was great to get to know these people, but also to realize that I really am enjoying being the weird one who makes kombucha and kefir. Not to mention yogurt. I didn't tell them I make laundry detergent too! lol

And D is always so very much in his element when he is brewing beer and teaching others about the process.


Kathy said...

All you need are the rose-tinted granny glasses and daisy chains!We dreamed of homesteading in Alaska when we were in our twenties! My kids could have been raised on bear meat and salmon from the stream out back. lol

grammy said...

Thanks for saying happy BD. I forgot to come over here for awhile. You sound so busy with all those kidos...busy but blessed. I remember those moody times. My daughter is 33, and can still be moody. Sweet as can be, but if she is in a mood, I am the one that she will 'share' it with.