Wednesday, May 05, 2010

my little man...

The past couple of days I have spent a different kind of time with my little man.  Yesterday we had lunch on our own since Kelli was at an extended day of school on a field trip.

Then there were a couple of errands...and one of them was to Target.  He picked out band-aids.  But then he changed his mind.  Twice.  It's a big decision between Toy Story and Spider Man and Hot Wheels.  I had brought one of his Christmas gift cards with us too so he could pick out a little something.  He chose more Trios so then we got to come home and build it together.

This morning after the big kids all went to school (2 hours late since it was a late start day), we went to check out where we hope to send him to preschool.  At first he thought he would want to do something there on his own and I could wait for him.  After we parked the car and were walking up, he changed his mind.  He was more tentative but did seem interested.  Then on the way home we stopped at the park for a while.  He is just so grown up all of a sudden.

Next year he will be at preschool 4 mornings a week and I will be alone.  It will be the end of a long season in my life.  While I am excited for him and so excited to see how he is growing, I will miss having him as a companion day in and day out.  I haven't been alone like that in over 14 years!