Saturday, March 21, 2009

baby chicks

We got 8 new babies yesterday! They were born on Monday...the day I turned 39, btw!

So now I will have even less time to blog! LOL

The chicks are just adorable right now. The kids could watch them for hours I swear, keeping me updated on who is pushing who, who is pecking who, who has pooped in the last 30 seconds. Just what I need. More tattling! :o)

I will do another post with their little picture.


Kathy said...

How much fun is that??? I've just been re-reading the section in
"Animal...Vegetable...Mineral" where they get their chicks. There's a whole section on this blog about chickens!

grammy said...

They are so cute. Kids just love to watch them...and grammies too (o: