Thursday, February 03, 2011

So cold

It's been crazy here in Denver lately.  I think this has been one of the colder winters we've had, but we haven't had much snow.  This week has been COLD...and that's coming from an Iowa born girl!

On Monday, it was a little snowy and supposed to drop to around 0.  When school was let out, all after school activities were cancelled (that meant no basketball practice after school or evening wrestling for Trey) and school had already been cancelled for the next day!

Trey shoveled the little bit of snow we had.  D got home from work and we just hunkered down, ready to be chilly.  Trey wanted to make plans to sled on Tuesday.  When the high was supposed to be well below 0.  I was the total party pooper and said NO WAY!  If you can't go to school because it's too cold to go out, do you really think you should be out playing in the cold?

The kids had no school Wednesday either because of the cold!  Crazy....but I really enjoyed having a little break  in the schedule this week.  Except.

I get so much more done when they are all gone.  Yes, they pitch in and help with things.  But I have a rhythm to my week that doesn't include having all the kids home.  And feeding them breakfast and lunch and snack every day.  Thankfully they don't eat all day.  That would make me nuts.  But they do go through the treats (like the 3 loaves of banana bread( when it's time for snack.

Now I need to finish 4 loads of laundry and pick up and vacuum and clean up the kitchen and go to the bank and take Jack to preschool and go to the phone store and get a shower and pick Jack up and go to a basketball game and make dinner and go to choir practice tonight.

Here's a picture of Jack and Kelli from a few days ago.  This is how we've spent many of the past few nights, on the couch with a movie.


Kathy said...

Being shut in is great for snacking. We go from salty to sweet, from hot to cold, from bland to spicy. UGH!

Mary Kate said...

Yay! It's nice to see you posting again!!