Saturday, February 05, 2011

just another Saturday night

I had grand plans for myself yesterday.  I didn't do it all.  And that's OK because I didn't hurt anyone either and that's an accomplishment.

I'm hormonal these days.  That translates into being irritated that my children would even think of leaving the room I am in.  Or talking.  Weird I know, but I want them all around and silent.  It's my control issue I know.So one kid having friends over and 1 being out to dinner and 2 going on sleepovers (1 is still not home and I won't see her until TOMORROW because of scheduling and weather....long story), I was in a MOOD.

But I fed them all and cleaned my kitchen.  And then I fed them some more and cleaned the kitchen some more.  And now dinner is over and my kitchen is clean.  Again.

I did plan my meals for the week and I'm ready to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Having that planned feels like a major accomplishment.

It's that season now where we are limited as to what fresh vegetables we have.  Potatoes, carrots, leeks, beets, onions, celeriac....and more winter squash than I even want to think about.  No cabbage this winter and I am missing it.  So I'm trying to plan around what's in the freezer and what's preserved from the summer.  The potatoes will soon be gone and I will be getting creative with our starches.  With a big growing family, a starchy side dish is what fills them up sometimes.  If it's not potatoes, then it's rice or bulgur or quinoa.  Tonight I made a dish with mushrooms and barley.  YUM!

I have been knitting a ton the past week, too.  I am working on a sweater/jacket thing for myself.  And D asked me to do something for some co-workers who have just had babies.  I'm doing little hats for them. They go really fast.  I have one done and I hope to finish the second one tomorrow during the big game! I'm so not into the football...just the commercials.  I just hope I can sit and watch instead of cooking the whole time.  I love to cook but some days I just want to order take out.....

D and Kelli are at the father daughter dance tonight.  Emma didn't want to go and she got her wish since she's not home from her friend's house yet.  I'll post a pic of my little lovely soon.....


Kathy said...

Barley and mushrooms are just made for each other, don't you think? I've seen so many little hats and sweaters lately that are so cute or colorful that I just want to go crazy making them but I just bookmark them instead and go back to my elk is emerging from the one I'm working on. The October leaves are finished and waiting for someone with small hands that I would entrust with them. Knitting is kinda like your put all kinds of love and time and work into them but at some point you have to send them on their way and hope that they will be treated well once they are out of your sight! I have come to enjoy the game as well as the commercials so now I have no breaks for the bathroom run!

noelle said...

I did watch enough of the game to know it was a good one. And I finished the baby hat, so now I need another small on the go project. =)