Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm so glad it's Friday, though I'm not really sure why.  I still had to get up early and get everyone out the door, though the 2 oldest are pretty self-sufficient in that regards.  I barely see Bella in the morning, since she's out the door at 6:45.  ugh, I know, right?

And the little girls have an early dismissal today.  Kelli will be home by 1, but Emma is going to the local skating rink.  They do it as a fundraiser for the school.  The rink opens a little early and the school provides a bus to take kids there that want to ride the bus.  Then it will take them back to the school at regular dismissal time, too.  Since Emma is older, I'm letting her go and have fun.  Kelli is only a first grader and has to come home to see ME.  HA!

The 2 older kids will be at the high school basketball game tonight.  Even though Trey isn't in high school yet, they do an ice cream social time before the game and encourage the incoming freshman to come hang out and feel grown up.  It will be fun for him since there will be kids going to that high school he hasn't really seen since elementary school.

So that means I will be home alone with the 4 younger kids.  D is pouring pints at a local brewery tonight.  He works for tips there, so we are always hoping for a good night.  Or at least gas money for him for the week.

I don't know what it is about Friday's, but I don't want to do any "work" on those days.  No laundry, no cleaning....I just want to play.  And today is sunny and it's supposed to be into the 40's again finally.  A perfect day to blow off responsibilities, right?

I didn't get to knit much yesterday.  And I'm frustrated because I don't like how the project I just started is coming together.  I'm using yarn that I had crocheted into a shawl years ago and never liked it.  In fact, the shawl never made it out of the yarn basket I hated it so much.  I guess the shawl is fine, but I don't really wear I ripped it out and was going to make that yarn to knit a cowl.  Not liking it at all.  But at least I have 3 balls of a gorgeous raspberry yarn to use for something else!

Happy weekend, blogworld!

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