Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching up

It was quite a weekend....lots of fun and not enough sleep and now we are paying the price.  D feels like he's getting sick, some of the kids are feeling sick.  For them, especially the younger ones, I think it has more to do with the amount of sugar they consumed yesterday than anything else.

We had planned to do a chocolate fondue after dinner last night, but there were too many of them feeling icky or just plain tired for that to happen.  I had given all the kids a chocolove bar so they had a little treat at home too.  I think we will plan a fun night Friday with chocolate and maybe pizza before that.  There's no school on Friday.  Or Monday for the President's Holiday.  I love February.  Not only is it the shortest month, but it seems the kids are out of school all the time.  And in the winter when we are tired and feeling puny, all that extra sleep is so nice.

I met with my knitters on Saturday morning.  It was nice to sit and talk about our crafting.  There are couple there who like to start things but aren't good at the finishing.  Now they have some accountability to get something done before we meet again in 2 weeks.  I like to finish a project before moving on, but I also like to have something small to do during car rides or in church so sometimes I need to have 2 projects going.  Then there's that sock that I need to work on.....

We have been having a February thaw the past few days.  After the beginning of the month when it was so cold and we were getting snow, we have been into the 50's for a few days now and it looks like we have a couple more.  It's so refreshing after the brutal cold.  The kids have been playing in the snow in their shirtsleeves.  A little funny to see, but they are outside and that's a very good thing!  They've been using the snowball maker contraption to make piles and piles of snowballs, too!

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