Friday, February 04, 2011


In just a little bit, I'm taking Jack E to the elementary school to sign him up for kindergarten.  Basically I have to prove that we live where we do (via utility bill) and prove he's old enough to finally go (via birth certificate).  It's public school.  They HAVE to take him.  This is just the first of the school hoops he will jump through in the next 13 years.  Or so.

He's of course sooooo excited because his sisters are still there.  And they will be there next year when he's a full fledged kindergartener.  I'm sure the office will be breathing a sigh of relief that this is the last of our clan.  Trey had a teacher shocked the other day to find out that there were 4 more kids coming up through 8th grade behind him.  Yep!

My to do list yesterday?  I finished it!  Well, except for the load of jeans still in the dryer waiting to be folded.  But it's jeans....those are easy.  Today, I am going to register for kindergarten, make a quick trip to the grocery store, take treats by the middle school for Trey, work on the big huge grocery list for the beginning of the month grocery run, plan a week's meals, bake bread, and make dinner.  Tonight is a little bit of revolving door around here.  Clay has 2 friends coming for a sleepover to celebrate his birthday from last weekend.  D will leave for work around 4, Emma is getting picked up for a sleepover birthday party at 5:15 and an old friend is taking Bella to dinner at 6.  So tonight it's me and Kelli and the BOYS!

Now I'm off to fold those jeans.....

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