Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff to do

I've been knitting a lot more this week, and that means I feel like I haven't been doing the other things I should.  Like cleaning.  I have picked up, have the 4 loads of regular laundry, a load of sheets, 2 loads of towels and another load of towels going.  And I've also made dinner every night.  Well, except last night.  It was a much needed "please eat all the leftovers" night.  But I did bake a yummy oatmeal for this morning last night.

Anyway....just trying to find a little balance I guess.

I'm starting a knitting group with some friends on Saturday.  We plan to do something service related as well as have lots of fun!  And my neighbor who doesn't know how is coming to learn to knit!  I'm very excited about that.

More later!

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Kathy said...

Your knitting group sounds like so much fun. I look forward to hearing more!