Friday, December 26, 2008

12 days' of Christmas wrap up

Sorry I didn't post on the 23rd or 24th. I think the only reader who was even checking in at that point was my mom. I know I haven't opened my google reader in days...and I usually check it every few hours!

The night of the 23rd we were invited to a home for dinner. It was cold and I had a feeling our big white German shepherd (who is about 9 and has bad hips) would decide he wanted a better place to lay down. I was right. He had pushed open the back gate (the latch is ineffective against a 125 pound dog) and was lying on the front porch when we got home after 10. Apparently he had also been there we our surprise arrived because it was on top of Duane's car that was parked in the driveway. We received 11 churros. They were huge and looked so yummy! (The kids had them for breakfast the next morning.) There was also a note that said "churro" is another word for pipe. Again we were thrilled to have an edible treat! There was also a clue that our admirer would be coming by the next night to reveal their identity.

So Christmas eve we kept waiting and waiting for what Emma was calling our "carolers". Finally we heard a knock on the door and singing. Outside was a family from the church Duane will be working with beginning in January. The woman is on the search committee and hoped this would be a great way to welcome us. We were glad to be able to thank them in person and talk a little about how much fun we had all had with this.

They gave us a black tin that had been decorated to look like a drum. It held some homemade treats and crackers and a cheese ball and summer sausage and goldfish crackers for the kids. It was great!

So our 12 days of Christmas is over and it was a little disappointing sitting at Christmas dinner last night and realizing that we wouldn't be getting another package in the evening. For any of you that want to do this next year, it is really great to be on the receiving end. And I have a feeling our family will be doing this next year for someone else!


Nathalie said...

That's such a cool idea and a great way to give to someone else. I had fun reading your blog. Stay warm! Nathalie Hereon

Kathy said...

What a nice gesture! I hope they know how many people were following along to see what you would receive next. Hope you had a great Christmas. This is one of the best we've ever had.

grammy said...

I started reading back when Kathy mentioned it and sure have had fun following along. Just wanted to say hi. When someone visits me I sure like to hear from them. I will come back sometime to say hi again. (o:

TB--Milwaukee said...

I had been following this, but forgot over Christmas. I'm glad that I checked to see the ending.

What a cool way to welcome you.