Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the fifth day of Christmas

I came home from work this morning around 6:15. There was a plain brown box tied with some ribbons on the front step. I was really expecting to receive pineapple rings for today's "5 golden rings", but this box did not have pineapple.

I brought it in and started making Duane's coffee so he could head out to work. He opened the box to reveal 5 fresh bagels nestled around a tub of cream cheese. Five golden rings. Five bagels. There were also cranberry bagels and cinnamon raisin bagels underneath since 5 bagels wouldn't be enough for us all. And there was an extra tub of schmear, too.

As we have told people about this, they always suggest hiding out and waiting to see who it's all from. But it hasn't been the same time each day.

Day 1 7pm
Day 2 7:45 pm
Day 3 6 pm
Day 4 between 6 and 7:30 am
Day 5 before 6:15 am

I wonder what 6 maids a milking will look like tomorrow. There are a few different places on the web that give suggestions on how to do this. It really is a fun idea. It's like being booed at Halloween or the old May baskets I did as a kid, but this is a much larger scale since it's for 12 days. We are all wondering who our "true love" is. We have our suspicions, but not totally sure.

Aleena spent the day on the couch yesterday interspersed with some vomiting. She had a fever last night too. Today I think she is better. She's hungry and hasn't thrown up since sometime in the middle of the night. Oh, and she's a little bossy with Kelli and Jack, too so she must be feeling better!

I am just tired today. The job I'm working right now is a hard one. I think it's because I am in the guest room and not in the room with the babies but I just don't sleep there. I did get one big nap of about an hour and fifteen minutes last week one night. I spend the night in that half awake half asleep state. Then I come home and try to sleep on the couch for a good hour before I have to make sure kids are going to school. This morning I didn't sleep. Trey was downstairs early fighting with Clay. Then Kelli came down and she is just cranked up. Then Jack was down. And Aleena was down. Emma finally appeared too. Everyone was crabby and arguing. No sleep for mama. If I go to my bed I have the WORST time trying to get up at 7:40 so I try to stay on the couch. Thankfully I don't work again until Thursday night and the kids don't have school on Friday so I will just come home and get into bed. YAY!


Rick said...

bagels and not gold? Someone is getting off too easily.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I'd say, get ready to drink some milk or build a fence in the back 40 for the cows!!

Very sneaky that it's at a different time each day. More fun not to catch them isn't it?