Thursday, February 16, 2006

good news bad news

From the dentist. The bad news first

For Clay, the bad news, 8 cavities. 8 CAVITIES...that's more than half his molars. And some of them are bad, Bad, BAD! He'll get sealants on the others to hopefully prevent any more damage. The good news? Sucking his thumb for six years has apparently left no lasting effects.

For Trey, the bad news, 2 cavities. They are not so bad. He needs sealants too. The good news? His teeth are quite straight and look as though they will continue to come in that way. THANK GOD!

I take the girls in to the dentist in two weeks. I think I need to start mentally preparing for that now. I did get those little flossers and fluoride rinse yesterday. Last night I started the lovely process of flossing everyone's teeth before bed then making the three oldest rinse with fluoride for a minute. An ounce of prevention I guess.

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owlhaven said...

Big job keeping up on teeth, isn't it! We brought all except the baby in last summer, to the tune of $4000-- thank heavens for insurance that covered 3/4 of that!