Wednesday, February 08, 2006

another sick day

Well, it's official...Jack is really sick. He's got the sniffles and a nasty cough and is just plain punky. Kelli is still quite crabby as well. D is on antibiotics because his dr thinks his virus went to a bacterial infection. That leaves Trey, Emma (who is still in bed so she's probably crossed to the sick list) and me who are healthy. I guess I'm glad to be really sucks to be that sick when you're the mama. Here's to a day of rocking sick babies and not much else...SALUD!

Last night I was working on this Women of Faith Bible study. Not usually my thing, but I'm trying it. As I was working through I realized that I say a lot of prayers of thankfulness for the people in my life and the life I'm able to live full of health, wealth (relatively speaking) and happiness, but I don't spend a lot of time really being thankful that I'm able to have a relationship with God. I'm not a hyper religious person at all...I do really like Jesus, though. I hesitate even calling myself a Christian these days because of the negative connotation there...but I do want to be more like Jesus. So my plan for this week is to think more about this Person I love and not only how I can be more like Him but how I can just better know Him...

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