Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day ain't what it used to be!

I always give D a hard time when Valentine's Day falls a little short because on our first one together he gave me a CAR!

We were recently engaged and I didn't have a car. Our wedding was just a few months away and I'd need a car then. I honestly don't know if he planned to do it all on Feb 14 or if it just turned out that way, but every Valentine's since then just kind of falls short!

Yesterday for example. Jack E was up coughing like crazy just after D left for St.Arbucks at 4. Since Jack E was in Kelli's bed, he woke her up too. They played dollhouse for a while, and kept trying to convince me it was morning. Still dark out means it's nighttime, kiddos!

Finally, I relented around 6:15. By then Trey was up complaining that they were having a late start because of the snow. Remember he had a "special" valentine to give someone! I was trying to get my pink chocolate chip pancakes going. (Yes I really did that to my poor children!) And I had to cut rice krispies treats into cute little heart shapes for them to give to their teachers. And cut up 2 pineapples for the 5th grade chocolate fondue party this morning.

I got to the elementary school a little before the party was supposed to start. It was delayed too. Now I'm worrying about Jack E coughing on everything in sight...and trying to keep him and Kelli out of the chocolate and fruits and treats.

We did last through the whole party, though. And they really only had 1 plate of chocolatey stuff to snack on. Then we had to run to the market to pick up wheat berries. I grabbed some sushi for my special lunch too. On the way home, I drove through KFC and got some little chickens for the kiddos. Two small kiddos can be cheap to feed.

As soon as we finished lunch and I got Jack E down, Trey was calling to tell me he's sick. After all that chocolate, it's no wonder!!! I tried to talk him into feeling better. I really needed the baby to sleep and to get some stuff done. It worked. I picked up and started dinner. While I was picking Trey and his friend up from band after school, Aleena's math teacher called. There are "some concerns" we need to get together to discuss. Great!

I got back home, and talked to D about our lovely daughter. She was awesome at elementary school, but the freedom that middle school has brought has been a lot for her to handle. We just keep taking privileges away and she just hasn't seemed to get it. I think the phone call home...and the 2 D progress reports helped her get a better picture.

So I spent over an hour and a half doing math with her. D and the other kiddos made cheese. D and I were going to try to go out for a little ice cream treat, but after both being up since around 4 and then dealing with the kiddos and their stuff, we were just not in the mood. He watched Lost while I fell asleep on the couch.

Just another day in paradise!

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Roni said...

DH and I are also in paradise, we spent the evening at a restaurant fighting with a cranky 2 year old. Ahhh the life of a married couple! LOL