Sunday, February 10, 2008

pop tarts

The other day my kiddos showed me how much our family has changed in the last decade. Pop tarts used to be quite common around our house when Aleena and Trey and even Clay were little. They were easy to eat and the kiddos liked them. I bought the cheaper store brand ones so I felt better about it all.

But I've changed my views a lot about nutriton and food additives and avoiding artificial and processed foods. So Jack E and Kelli have never actually had pop tarts before. Maybe Kelli has once but we can't really remember. I got them one the other day at a gas station for a "special" treat. Kelli ate about half of hers. Jack E took 4 or 5 bites then wanted a clementine. He said "Jack no like it. Jack want a clementine." Yes he often refers to himself in the 3rd person. Aleena was so surprised that I had actually bought them pop tarts and only mildly surprised that Jack E didn't like it. She reminded me that he grew up on farm food. We made all of his baby food from fresh organic produce. He grew up only eating mama's homemade bread (until about the last year he's had store bought.) He has just been raised in a different way than the older ones. And he seems to be doing just fine. Even if he would rather have a clementine than a pop tart!

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