Saturday, February 09, 2008

tingling on my nose

I woke up this morning with that familiar tingle on the end of my nose. I've only had a cold sore 2 or 3 times before, but I always get it in the same spot. At the base of my nose in between my nostrils...icky!

I ran out to the drugstore quickly and got some abreva. Hope it's gone soon.

Emma and D went to the Father Daughter Dance at the elementary school last night. They were there about an hour. I don't think Emma talked to anyone. Or danced either. She ate a cookie, had her picture taken with Daddy and then they were done. He'll have 1 more sedate dance with her, then Kelli will be able to go to the dance. I'm sure she'll be a little more lively than Emma!

Kelli is starting preschool in just over a week. She is just so much Kelli all the time. I'm looking forward to someone else getting to enjoy her for a few hours each week. I know that will help me to enjoy my time with her more, too. On the downside, I will finally have just one toddler at home with me. That hasn't happened since 1997 and she was still napping twice a day then. I have never had to entertain a 2 year old by myself. Am I up to the task?

We'll see!

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