Thursday, February 14, 2008

maybe girls are a good thing

This morning we had one of those crazy Colorado storms come through. We were literally wearing flip-flops all week and now it's been snowing all day. Because of that, the elementary kids had a 30 minute delay.

You would have thought the world was ending by Trey's reaction. He was up by 6:20 dressed in a button down shirt and smelling VERY good. He was looking for a hairbrush and the detangling spray. He even sprayed on some hairspray to make it stay nice. Then he brushed his teeth and used mouthwash.

This is usually the boy that I have to remind to brush his hair and teeth each morning. He usually complains about it, but still gets it done.

But today is Valentine's Day and he had a special chocolate rose to give to a special girl.

Maybe if he keeps this up he'll even shower without a fight!

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