Monday, February 26, 2007

weekend update

What a weekend! Twenty years ago that would have meant something entirely different than it does today!

I woke up early Saturday with Kelli in my bed in mismatched pj's...not the ones she went to bed in and her top was on backwards. Yep, she had wet her bed. When Jack E got up later I realized he had taken his diaper off in the night and also wet his bed. So along with all the other laundry I needed to catch up, I washed their sheets.

Sunday morning, I woke up the EXACT SAME WAY! I washed their sheets and this time had to wash dinkies as well. For Kelli, that is her purple blanket I crocheted for her. It was one of my first projects so it's a little odd shaped for a blankie...more like a shawl. For Jack E, it's his big blue blanket. Still made by mama, but a little more experienced as a crocheter this time.

We all survived that. Jack E was up screaming for a couple of hours in the wee small hours of the night last night. I think he is working on getting some molars. The top ones are in, but we are working on the bottom ones. I had him in and out of my bed last night. He was kind of half asleep, half awake, crying off and on from 1 till after 3. He finally settled down and slept. So did I. Again I overslept and barely made it out the door this morning. Thankfully I had packed up my breakfast, lunch and snacks last night so I could just grab my bag and go. I wasn't gone 5 minutes when Aleena called to tell me that Angel (our sheltie) had thrown up all over the kitchen floor. Sorry, D, but I was soooo glad to already be out the door when that happened.

This afternoon is probably the craziest of the week. Clay just got off the bus. I need to pick the oldest 2 up from band in 30 minutes. Then an hour later Clay has his drum lesson. Then we run home and get everybody some dinner. Then it's finish up homework and get ready for tomorrow. At least tomorrow is just my Weight Watchers morning and errand time. I need to get organized for that too.

I'll be back to let you know how my weigh in goes tomorrow morning! ~~~~~~~~~skinny vibes for me!~~~~~~~~~

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