Tuesday, February 27, 2007

tired cravings

I'd forgotten how disrupted sleep makes me crave carbs. Yesterday afternoon and last night I was so tired from Sunday night's disrupted sleep. I just wanted to eat all afternoon...and it didn't matter what. Good news is that I didn't cave into that too much...other than a rice crispy treat. But I did account for that in my daily intake.

Last night I was lying on the couch thinking of eating chocolate ice cream. But I realized I really wasn't that hungry...and since I have my weigh in on Tuesdays I wanted to not pig out last night. I went to bed, well, actually I fell asleep on the couch without overindulging. That felt good to know that I fought the cravings.

It also made me realize it's no wonder that having 3 kids in 3 years and constantly being sooooo tired helped to keep me technically obese. Then having another baby and working and moving and having 2 more babies and working and working overnights. No wonder it's just easier to drown my exhaustion in cheeseburgers and ice cream. But I feel better being leaner and not eating junk just because I'm tired. Just interesting to me that the link between my decade of diapers...that is now over 11 years of diapers...was such a good excuse to overeat all the time.

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