Friday, February 09, 2007

vicks vapor rub

It seems that when Aleena and Trey were little they were always sick. Or maybe I just had more time on my hands to pay attention then.

Jack and Kelli have both been coughing a lot the past few days. That kind of wet hacking cough that seems to feed on itself. They were both exhausted last night so I put them into a soothing vapor bath. Even the big kids love to take those when they are home sick. They are known as "sick bubble baths" at our house.

So Jack E and Kelli took a sick bubble bath, then I slathered on the vicks medicated chest rub. Aleena always hated it and called it the spicy lotion, but Kelli didn't seem to mind. I mixed it with regular lotion for Jack E so it wouldn't be so strong on his tiny little body. They have both been asleep since 7:45...not coughing. Kelli didn't come into my bed to hack all over me at 5 either. That stuff is a miracle drug I tell you!

I think I find it rather sedating too. I was on my bed reading blogs last night and ended up falling asleep by 9 (sorry hon!) and didn't wake up til 6 myself. That in itself is a miracle! Maybe I need to slather on the vicks every night, too!

TIme to get ready for school...them, not me. I get to hang out in my jammies a little longer.

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