Wednesday, February 14, 2007

another sick day

Yesterday Kelli spent the day throwing up. It was her first experience with that. Not fun for any of us. She didn't even keep water down, poor girl.

So far today looks better for her. She's had a bite of waffle and is playing.

I have caught the little ones' cough. And the general icky feeling that goes with it. Thankfully, the family I work for is out of town this week so I have a little vacation. You would think I would just be getting so much done with these extra days at home, wouldn't you? Nope! But I am in the middle of making cookie press cookies in heart shapes. I told the kids that I would drop them off at school for their teachers when I pick Emma up from Kindergarten.

I didn't update my ticker yesterday after my weigh in because I went up by 0.2 of a pound. Who wants to celebrate that?! Next week's weigh in will be long as I don't eat too many of these Valetine's cookies! lol

And now a word from Jack E:


'nkkkkkk...............;;';;'/''''''''';'lllllllllklllpmmmffsxdzxvxxxxxxxxxxmmnmnh j ttttttttttttth, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmytt6tyfrtfgtttttt vm fddxcxcdccccc nvgv.u ,hytffffffewsrgh

That's all we've got!

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Roni said...

:) I thought I was the only one that let the little ones type...

(scroll down and you can see Ryan's "first post")