Sunday, July 27, 2008

will it ever be clean?

Now that my little guy is creeping up on being 3, I am finding that I have a little more time to get some things done. It's really easy to just hang out online, but I am really trying to do more than that.

Last Saturday I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning up one neglected side of our family room. Yesterday I went into Jack and Kelli's room and moved nearly everything (but beds, the dresser and the desk) and reorganized all the toys. It looked great...for about an hour. *sigh* They did pick it back up before bed last night. I know I just need to spend that kind of time in all of the kids rooms and the basement, too.

I also spent time yesterday cleaning up the living room. That went from the room that barely ever saw any traffic to the room where the littles love to play little people and art and house and....It's never picked up anymore I swear. I know I will have a tidy house again someday. I am trying to find the happy medium between letting the kids live in their house and keeping it company ready all the time. I don't know how well I am doing.


Kathy said...

I'm sure you're doing fine. I always ask myself how Noelle does it every time I have the grandkids here!!!

Kate said...

When i read your posts it gives me an insight into how my mom felt chasing 4 of us around and trying to keep up with keeping the house tidy...I respect her so much more now! lol. I don't know how you do it!