Thursday, July 17, 2008

not a good way to start the day!

This morning I went out bright and early (like 5:20) to put stuff in the Suburban for our trek to the farm. It wasn't until I opened the passenger door to look for my book that I realized the driver's window had been busted out and the GPS was stolen. Totally a bummer. We called the sheriff and he came out and did a report. Then D cleaned it all up and headed out to the farm with 3 of the kids in his car. Now I am home waiting for the mobile glass replacement people to come out...between 8 and 12.

I guess I have NO excuse for not getting some laundry done this morning now, huh?


Kathy said...

What a nuisance! You wish they would just knock on the door and give you an opportunity to hand them the GPS and leave the darned window alone!

Kate said...

Blah! Well that's no fun! I hate people who just know how to ruin a day!