Saturday, July 19, 2008

so ADD

I started the day by cleaning out my "stash"' I was thinking last night before bed about how I could fit it all on this shelf thing we have that is basically empty. So this morning I set out to organize my yarn by weights and project. That's when I realized how ADD I am. I have at least 6 things started and in process. And I have ideas for 3 or 4 more things I want to do that I have yarn and patterns for. I'm not sure why I get started and then move on. Maybe it's because my craft time is limited and I totally get bored with a project before I finish.

Anyway. I totally want to try my hand at knitting socks. But before I will let myself go there, I HAVE to finish at least 2 of my crochet projects. One of my knitting projects is different colored 6x6 inch blocks in different stitches. I've decided that will be Jack E's big blanket, so I really don't need to work on it. But it's so easy to work on that I WANT to do more squares. I HAVE to finish Trey's afghan. I started it when I was pregnant with Jack E...over 3 years ago. It's about 2/3 finished, but I get so tired of working on it. It really is my goal to get that one done this summer. And I have another baby blanket that I started for a little girl who will be 2 in the fall. Maybe I can find another little girl to give that one to now? LOL

Speaking of works in progress...the dryer just summoned me!


Kathy said...

You're not're just a knitter! Have you seen all the WIP's (Work in progress) pics on the knitting blogs? I think all of us creative types are 100% invested in a project until we learn the pattern or run into our first bit of difficulty with it and then our minds move on to the next project.
I try to keep two projects going at any given that is involved and requires my attention and then another that is mindless and monotonous.
If we were real neighbors, we could have knitting sessions and jabber over knits and purls!!!

Kate said...

I totally have ADD when it comes to my crafts too, I have about 3 cross stitches started and none of them finished. Funny you should mention this, because I was just thinking about getting one of them out again, as I need a hobby that requires some "downtime".