Saturday, September 29, 2007

the energizer bunny has an outage

One of my blog friends, Kathy, referred to me once as the energizer bunny. There are days and days where I just go and go and go. There are things I need to finish and it's hard for me to stop until I'm done.

Well, having the flu has brought me to a halt. I can't believe how wiped out I am. This morning after my shower I wanted to lie down and rest for a second before I finished getting ready. That is so unlike me. And right now, the laundry is piled high to the sky and I just don't have to energy to do it. I had the boys carry it all downstairs because I knew I couldn't carry it. I'll have to do it all down there and then have them haul it all back up here.

I like being strong and having lots of energy. I guess after doing WW for this long, I have become accustomed to just going and going and going. And as a mama, I don't always have a lot of choice in the matter. These kids gotta eat...they need help with homework...diapers have to be changed...and they spill stuff. Mama has plenty to do. And I have always just done it.

Today I might just take another nap.


Colette said...

I hope your doing better. Just wanted to check on you!

kjrsten said...

Hi noelle, I am Diet Coke and Zingers niece and I saw what you wrote on my sisters blog about diaper bags and I felt an instant connection!"to be cooler than quilted pastel thing that matched non of my outfits" HA! I love it! you're blog is funny, way to go on your WW goals, and being great mom even if you batteries are running low!

Rick said...

I had it - took me forever to finally get over it. Bad stuff.

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Roni said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel. I go go go go go and then go some more. But sometimes you just need a break!