Saturday, September 08, 2007

where have I been?

in the kitchen of course!!!

This summer has been a strange one. I have felt crazy busy with life, but I haven't done as much canning and freezing as I did last summer. Maybe it was just working and not having many days of being home that made it feel so crazy.

The past 2 weekends I think I have made up for lost time, though. Last weekend, I did a TON of tomatoes, some green beans and a bushel of corn. This weekend I froze another 4 bushels of corn. I think we have enough for the year, now. Between cut off the cob corn and corn on the cob, there is enough frozen to have some every other week for a year. And since I will only have to go from the end of September till the middle or so of July, I should be OK. LOL It will taste so good this winter to have corn on the cob.

This fall marks a new era for me. We have 4 kids in school ALL DAY and 2 kids home ALL DAY. There are no middle of the day trips to pick anyone up from preschool or kindergarten. Of course, Kelli is absolutely dying to go to preschool. She is really ready, too, it's just a matter of paying th tuition right now. Besides, I kind of enjoy hanging out with her as the big girl. I should say that most days I enjoy it. There are some days I could sell her to the gypsies without a second thought.

It's also a new phase in that Jack E is almost 2 and has apparently secured his place as "baby of the family". Hard to believe that but it seems to be the case. He is at my favorite age right now. I just love this toddler thing. And he is soooo easy going. If only he would speak in sentences of more than 2 words. He makes his wishes known...even if it does take a while for mama to figure it out.

Well, this is more than I have blogged here all summer! LOL I will really try to do better about that. In all of my spare time-HA!

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Kathy said...

Every time I see Jack E's name, I have to smile...I just envision some little kid like on the Little Rascals! I'll bet he's a cutey.