Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jumping back in here!!!

Yesterday afternoon I just felt like it had been the best day ever. I had cooked some really amazing foods. Chicken and barley and vegetable soup. Roasted root vegetables. I ground some more wheat and had yeast bread rising and another loaf of quick bread to go with dinner in the oven.

I felt so on top of it. The wheat germ bread we had with dinner was so AMAZING. The yeast bread wasn't so great. I used the recipe for basice whole wheat bread from Laurel's Kitchen. The dough seemed really soft. The recipe says it will be, but I think that mine was TOO soft. It did great on the first and second proof, but it just didn't rise anymore once it was in the oven. Aleena had 4 pieces of it for toast this morning so it can't be all that bad, huh?

That has been my concern with getting into milling my own flours. What if it's not good? But then I realized that it's BREAD. How bad can it be honestly? It's flour and yeast and water and a little fat and a little sweet. How bad can that be really?

So I've been jumping in and just trying to figure it out as I go along. I realized today as I was reading Flour Power that I have used all my soft white wheat in really the wrong way. I guess that's best for cookies and quick breads and the like. I have just used it in hte mix with my hard red wheat which should have been the base for my flours for my breads.

So I am off to look for more grains today. I'm kind of excited. It's really fun...and it's not like the kids don't devour bread around here! And now that D is doing more construction type work, he's eating more carbs. Not a ton, but he's taking sandwhiches in his lunch. And a loaf of bread with dinner sure does make the meat and veggies go farther! Plus it's still good bribery to get Kelli to eat her dinner.

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