Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday holidays

They always mess up my routine around here.  Usually when I get the kids out the door for school on Monday morning, I do a pick up and put away (and lots of throwing away) of what has been lying around all weekend.  But when the kids are having a day off from school it just seems....wrong somehow to do that kind of thing.  So it will be pushed off until tomorrow.  I did some of the picking up and the kids will all have a 10 minute clean up later when Clay gets back from the movies.

His 5th grade class was meeting at the theater today to see The Lightening Thief.  They have read the book this year so took this day off from school to see the movie.  D took him and stayed to watch the movie.  It's a good time for them to do something together on their own.  Clay was really excited to do something on his own today.

One of the best things about February is the broken up school schedule.  My elementary don't have a full 5 day week of school all month.  Two of the weeks they have their late start for teachers to have professional time.  This week is President's Day and last week they had early dismissal on Friday (with no kindergarten at all on Friday).  It gives me something to look forward before spring makes its appearance.  Then again...this is Colorado.  We could get a huge snowstorm in April or May.  I'm ready for t-shirts and flip-flops.....

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