Friday, February 12, 2010

checking in

I've been reading my regular blogger friends the past week or so and have found a new one.  She has 16 kiddos and still blogs a couple of times a day.  HUH!

So I guess instead of playing a game on Facebook and thinking about saying something, I could actually take that time to blog.

The 3 kids in elementary school have all had their Valentine's Day parties today (or yesterday for miss Kelli the kindergartener).  They are sufficiently sugared up now I do believe.  So I made them cookies of course!  Trey bought flowers for today telling me they were for his teacher.  He has 2 female teachers, one he absolutely can't stand and the other he mildly tolerates.  I tried to get the truth out of him this morning, but no luck.  So his older sister ratted him out.  They were for a friend to give his girlfriend.  Don't know why the friend couldn't buy his own flowers, but that is so cute.  It makes me think of getting my first little Valentine gift from a boy in 6th grade.  He gave me a necklace with the smallest speck of what looked like a diamond.  I think we broke up like 2 weeks later.

Tonight D and I are going to a Naughty or Nice valentine's party.  I am so not a naughty person.  I have no idea what to take.  Maybe some of those fresh baked cookies?  Or some chocolates?  Or some little panties from the dollar store?

I'll think of something I guess...

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