Monday, December 14, 2009

No 'poo?

Nope I'm not talking about my bathroom habits, I'm talking about no longer washing my hair with shampoo. I'd heard about this over a year ago, and while I liked the idea, I am also SUPER vain about my hair. SUPER SUPER vain, people!

I have blonde naturally curly hair and have always had tons of compliments on my hair. I learned how to smooth it out (ie straighten it) when Trey was a baby and so vary between curls and straight hair now.

My husband went no 'poo a few months ago. He rinses his hair every time he showers and it really doesn't get greasy or dirty at all. I've been down to only shampooing twice a week for quite a while now. Blonde curly hair can dry out quickly, so I try to let it get really dirty before I wash it.

But lately when I've washed it with my shampoo (Garnier Fructis), it just hasn't felt clean. So I decided to just go for it the other day and use D's baking soda in the shower. It was amazing! My hair felt so clean but yet not stripped like a harsh shampoo! So then I used the cider vinegar rinse too. I did use a little coconut oil on my wet hair to help smooth out the curls, too.

When D came home later, I asked him if my hair was OK. He said, "did you cut it? did you color it? it looks really good." And it did. It curled up like it hadn't in a really long time. And when I used my curling iron to smooth it out the next day, it was still looking really great. In fact, it had more body than usual.

So my first try was on Friday. It's now Monday. And while my hair isn't looking dirty or greasy yet, the waves along my scalp are starting to really show. So I either need to use my daughter's straightener or wet it and let it be curly again. But it doesn't look dirty....just needing to be styled somewhat.

So if you think I am totally crazy and on another weird hippie thing (MOM!), you can read more about no 'poo here or at NPR.


lorrie said...

I've been wanting to try this...maybe I will take the plunge when my shampoo runs out

Nathalie said...

Does your hair smell? I might give it a try but I'm also like you with the hair vanity :-)