Monday, December 21, 2009

no 'poo update

Just checking in after another week of not sudsing up. Still liking this process. I'm still in the adjustment phase as far as my body figuring out that I need to produce less oil. I guess I am fortunate there since I normally have pretty dry skin. But I haven't cleaned my scalp/hair since Friday and my hair is looking just fine. Not greasy looking, not dirty looking, just looking like hair.

Nathalie asked if it smells. My hair smells like hair. The vinegar smell washes out in the shower. I do rinse for about a minute or so, but there is no residual smell. My 13 yo daughter took the plunge today. She has asked about adding some scent. I haven't read as much as bout this as my husband, but we've told her she could add some essential oils to either the vinegar rinse or add some to water and pour that over her hair when she's finished rinsing.

She is really vain about hair, too. But she has also learned that NOT wearing much makeup and keeping her hair away from her face (along with a Burt's Bee's herbal acne treatment) is clearing up her pimples far better than anything from the drugstore ever has. So she's hoping that letting her scalp regulate its natural oils will help her not need to wash her hair so often, too.

I think one of the best things about trying this whole no 'poo thing is that it is really low cost, or no cost even. Sometimes we want to try things that involve special equipment or ingredients that are hard to find or impractical. This is baking soda and apple cider vinegar, kitchen staples. To me, that's an even better reason to try it out.

I'll keep you posted on how week 3 goes.

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