Sunday, August 10, 2008

school supplies

Yesterday I got most of the kids' school supplies. I wimped out and went without them. It's just a lot easier that way. Plus, it's not like we get the cute folders or notebooks or anything. I'm all about the big plain multi-packs and 10¢ plain folders.

The kids were so excited to put their names on everything and get it all ready. They still have one more week before school. I'm realizing that this back to school time is causing me a lot of anxiety. Summer isn't even really done, but I haven't canned a single thing. We have really relied on that in the past, Will I get enough put up for winter? Tomatoes aren't even on at the farm yet so I know I still have time for that.

Then it seems like once school starts, it will be Halloween soon. Money for costumes. Then Christmas with it's excess and need for extra cash.

I am really trying to just enjoy the day at hand and not stress about the future too much. That's part of being present for me, I guess.

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Kathy said...

Lara was freaking a little about getting Audrey outfitted for school and paying all the fees. She has outgrown everything! Harold and I hit a yard sale yesterday with several nice things in her size...we are always on the lookout for clothes for all the grandkids. We got a huge pile for 9 dollars...less than a nice tee-shirt would cost.

One of our favorite waitresses at the Greek restaurant had her 4th baby last October...nearly delivered at the restaurant cause she waited so long and the baby was early. I noticed she hadn't really lost the baby weight since and she told us Friday that she is due with her 5th the beginning of October! Little Irish twins...both boys.