Tuesday, August 12, 2008

another trip to trauma

Last night I was waiting for Clay at his drum lesson when my cell phone rang. Aleena told me that Jack E had fallen off the trampoline. I told her to apply pressure. Everyone was really calm, especially Jack who wasn't even crying. I got Clay and headed home. A neighbor came by to check on it. She thought it looked pretty deep so I decided I would pick him up and head straight to after hours care.

I got to see my favorite trauma PA (it's a little alarming that I have one, don't you think?) and he was able to just glue Jack E's little cut. It's below the eyebrow right on his brow bone of his left eye. The cut is about a half inch long, horizontally. Jack was a total trouper during the whole thing. He literally said, "ow" twice I think while the PA cleaned the wound, assessed it and glued it back together.

This morning, he's pretty swollen, but doing just fine. I just had to scold him for trying to do cannon balls from the coffee table to the couch. The boy isn't even 3 and he's already had stitches once before! I think I see a lot of trips to the trauma PA in our future!

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Kathy said...

There's one in every family!!!