Sunday, March 30, 2008

our spring break extravaganza!!!

Yeah, right. We've had a tummy bug going around. First Aleena felt icky on Wednesday. I felt icky on Thursday. Emma had to take it to the next level though and actually throw up a couple of times on Friday.

But Friday night is where it got interesting. Kelli was hitting Jack E so he kicked her and she fell off the couch, hitting her head on the side of the coffee table. Her ear lobe started to swell right away so we put ice on it. We also applied a little topical arnica to help with the swelling and pain but we didn't want her taking any pain meds orally so we held off on that.

At 7:45 I told Emma she could try to keep down a few more crackers. So Jack E and Kelli had a couple too. By 8:30 Kelli had thrown up twice so I called in to urgent care to see what they thought.

It was such a toss up as to whether the vomiting was from the head injury or the virus. But better safe than sorry, D and I took Kelli to urgent care at 9 that night. The pediatrician said her motor skills and all that looked fine, but she wanted to drain the bulging ear lobe. It is just as fun as it sounds!!! Then the doctor and nurse wrapped her head in gauze with a padding over the ear to try to keep pressure on it so it didn't fill with blood again. That dressing was supposed to stay on for 24 hours.

We were home after 11. Kelli slept for a while in our bed, but from 1-2 kept getting up every few minutes complaining that she might throw up. I finally got to sleep after that.

On Saturday morning I took our suburban in because the brakes were making that noise they make just before you spend more money on them that you'd like to. It was ugly. It was expensive.

Since Kelli's bandage thing fell off while she was sleeping, I called urgent care again while I was waiting for the truck to be fixed. They wanted me to bring her back in. (Thankfully, poverty brings really great state subsidized insurance so our copay is only $3 for these urgent visits. Otherwise, she may have wound up with cauliflower ear and long hair for the rest of her life!!!) So I took her back so they could check her ear. The pediatrician from the night before was my least favorite there. On Saturday morning we had a great doctor I love. Both the pediatrician and the PA decided to call the ENT on call to talk to him about it. The ped from the night before had also talked to him so he was well acquainted with the situation.

They all 3 decided to not do anything with the ear until Monday morning. I have an appointment with the ENT downtown at 8:30. Hopefully it will all be fine. She does still have a bulge on her earlobe that is a nice purple color, but it's firm not soft so they don't think it's blood but just the injured tissue.

It really is a good thing that Kelli started throwing up since if the ear hadn't been drained it could have led to deformity of the earlobe. We're just such wait and see kind of parents that we wouldn't have taken her in for a bruise to her ear like that. It's like when Emma broke her arm. Good thing I could actually see where it was broken or I probably would have given her an ice pack and put her on the couch with a movie.

So, after Kelli and the truck...we just wanted to have a quiet evening at home last night. D was doing some beer stuff with the neighbor down the street. They were kegging what they brewed last weekend and turning a turkey frying pot into a beer pot with the magic of solder and some inexpensive parts. And of course tasting what they brewed last weekend!!!

While he was gone, Jack E started throwing up. We were supposed to go to some friends' house this morning so D could help a couple of guys brew some beer. (which is why he needed to transform the turkey pot) I made a sour cherry cake to take. I made muffins for the kids' breakfast. I was getting ready to make a tossed salad when Jack E came running into the kitchen. I picked him up and he threw up in my face and all down the front of me.

So I am staying home today with Jack E and Emma who still has a little tummy ache.

And just a bit of advice: When a 2 year old has a tummy virus that very well may lead to diarrhea, it's important that the child has pants on over the diaper. Especially if that child is standing on a previously unstained section of the white living room carpet.

Yes, my day really is that exciting!!!


Kathy said...

I can't even tell you how sorry I feel for you! My grandson did something similar to his ear recently and had to go through the same thing. Thank goodness he didn't have a tummy virus at the same time!

Knitting Novice said...

I hope things went well at the ENT!
What a rough weekend! I hope you have a better week.