Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday morning

It was nice to hear from my cyber friends after I posted last.  Ironic, too, that both of those friends are online only friends....I've never met them.  But they understood where I was coming from and could speak to that.

I am still dealing with feeling adequate.  I think that has to do with having 6 kids.  They all have such different needs.  And I'm only 1 mama.  I can only do so much.  I am in a crazy work schedule right now, too.  I should be doing my morning chores so I can sleep later.  I'll sleep later anyway, even if the chores go undone.  My kids would rather have a messy house and a sane mama than a tidy house and a miserable mama.  Besides, if we all take 10 minutes, the mess gets picked up quickly.

I've been knitting more, too.  That soothes my soul.  I have really enjoyed meeting with my knitting group.  It's so fun to talk about patterns and yarns.  There's a teen girl in our group that had 12 projects going last time we met.  We told her to finish stuff up.  She brought 10 things to show us!  But she had also started a couple of more, too.  I am still working on the sleeves of my sweater and really want to finish it up.  Soon.  I won't let myself start anything until it's DONE.

The weather over the weekend was really nice.  We are really flirting with spring here.  I love it.  Then again, it's Colorado so it's still possible to have a huge snowstorm.  My birthday is Wednesday and the forecast is to be in the 70's.  That is my bliss!

OK....I have to at least start this week's laundry by carrying it all downstairs.  That counts as my workout for the day!  =)


Kathy said...

Harold is always quoting the oldie about complaining you had no shoes until you come across a guy who has no feet! We are so blessed. Thank Goodness for all those gorgeous kids, a roof over your head, clothes to wear, water and a washer and dryer! (I remember my first W&D and thought I would never complain about laundry again after being saved from Laundromat Hell!)I know you well enough to be certain you count your Blessings every day and recognize that you've done that by the tweak on carrying laundry downstairs as being good exercise. There is so much that could be wrong in our lives that it is sweet to be able to just enjoy a normal day of housework and being a little tired. Hugs to you, my friend.

noelle said...

Kathy, my dishwasher went kaput on Friday. I told D it's a good life lesson for the kids to learn how good we have it with a dishwasher. We'll get a new one in time. But I had little ones home all day and bottles to wash with no dishwasher so I will survive. Cleaning the kitchen is therapy to me

Kathy said...

I have a dishwasher and never use it. Standing at the sink with my hands occupied and my mind free to roam has brought me clarity so many times! I welcome a little time at the sink! But then I am only cleaning up after two these days! lol Not that I don't remember washing up after that big family I grew up in!