Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday already?

I feel like I say that a lot!  We tried to have a relaxing weekend.  I had worked 50 hours from the time we got home Sunday afternoon until I was home on Saturday morning.  I just wanted to rest and have some time to do what I wanted.

It had been so cold here for so long.  Even before the really cold weather, we just hadn't had the mild days that are normal for Colorado.  On Friday it was finally into the 40's and snow and ice was melting so I went for a walk.  I took an even longer walk on Saturday and another walk on Sunday afternoon.  I forget what a respite taking a walk is.  It gives me time to just listen to music or think or whatever.  And I like the exercise, too!

I haven't knit anything in a week!  It's bugging me.  But I made this commitment to read so much of the Bible every day that I just don't feel like I have the time to do both...and juggle household stuff and spend some time with my husband and kids!

My big goal for the month of January is to clean out my basement.  We have toys down there that the kids just never touch anymore.  A friend of ours is going to move into our basement for a few months I think, too, so we need to make space for him.  It's one of those things that I am just having a hard time getting started.  Tomorrow is the day.  D will be at the farm, my dinner will be started super early, so I will be down there most of the day.  I hope!


Kathy said...

Would the Bible on tape count? You could listen while taking the walk or while knitting!

noelle said...

I could listen to it, but I don't have the CD's and don't want to spend the money on that. I've been reading ahead so I can be done early! =^0