Friday, January 15, 2010


and I am so glad!!!  My trip to the dentist wasn't too bad.  I was a little frustrated because the dental assistant wasn't too supportive of Emma.  Em has a really hard time with anxiety and the dentist or the doctor or anything out of the ordinary.  She had her valium before the extraction and was getting nitrous and was feeling anxious.  Instead of comforting her or saying something positive and encouraging, she told her to stop, that they hadn't even done anything yet.  grrrr!

She was seeing the second dentist in the office instead of our usual one.  I will make sure Emma doesn't see her or her assistant again.  The other assistants and hygenists know her there and know that she is not an easy patient so they treat her with kid gloves.  The other dentist is great for her too.  I'll have to make sure she sees all of our regulars.

The kids have completed 2 weeks of back to school now.  And I am happy to say that they have had a warm breakfast everyday.  I really wanted to get back away from eating cereal again, and so far so good!

I'm finding it hard to get very motivated today.  Fridays always feel like special days to me.  It's probably because when D was working full time at a church, Fridays were his day off.  It just feels like the beginning of the weekend to me.  LOVE that!  And I love that it's a 3 day weekend.  ahhh...

I guess I need to go buy some TP.  We are on the end of the last roll in one bathroom.  I'm not really sure how I managed to let us run completely out, but we can't last very long on what we have so it's time to make a TP run!

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Kathy said...

I'd offer some but we are on our last roll too! How does this happen?