Thursday, January 29, 2009

I survived!

Yesterday I woke up to discover that my internet wasn't working. I could tell from the airport station downstairs that something was unplugged. I don't know where it all goes so I just let it be knowing that D would fix it when he got home.

Since I had no email, no blogs, no facebook...I actually cleaned my house. Well, I cleaned a lot and did laundry. I was productive! I decided to try to get all my list done today and THEN have computer time. And I had another productive day. Who knew?! lol

I have been cutting back on my blogs in my google reader. It's just too much. I love keeping up with everyone, but it takes too much time. And I have a lot of friends on FB that I haven't seen for years and I love to chat with them and look at their pictures, but I need to do better at my "job" around here.

I will try to post tomorrow about all the fun stuff that has happened around here this week. But first I have 2 bathrooms to clean!

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