Friday, January 30, 2009

Bob Greene and Oprah

Just read this article.

Really incredible. If you're not sure you want to read it all, here's the first paragraph.

"The scene is comic: Bob Greene sitting next to Oprah on her TV show, kicking off the New Year, as Oprah tries to explain to her viewing audience why she gained forty pounds – again. Not once did she turn to Greene and say, “Bob, I guess your program is just a bit too hard to follow, something must be wrong with it.”

Isn't that the issue with most diet plans? If they are really worked then there would be no huge diet industry like there is now. The idea of eating fake foods, processed foods, chemically altered's just not right. How about feeding ourselves natural and nourishing foods? traditional foods? Real food!


Mary Kate said...

Right on! I completely agree!

Also, genetics, body-type, and metabolism play a LARGE part in how easy it is to stay thin or gain weight. I cannot tell you how many skinny friends eat processed and fast foods all the time, in mass quantity and never gain a pound. It's very discouraging.....

grammy said...

I have been reading for awhile and decided to leave comments (o: I have certainly changed my life in the last 2 years by eating more real food and following weight watchers. Reading labels has been a huge help.