Thursday, April 03, 2008

she did so great!

I was so proud of Emma at the dentist the other day. She has had such a hard time even getting in the chair and opening her mouth before, but this time she did awesome! She had her valium beforehand that worked great. Then they gave her the "goofy air". She did well with all of it. And our dentist was awesome at hiding that big ol' needle full of novacaine! He got the bad tooth out and we'll go back in a few weeks to get a couple more out.

I also made an appointment for the older kids to get their teeth cleaned in June once they are out of school. And Jack E and Kelli have a cleaning appointment in May. This will be Jack E first time. I'm hoping he'll just let them look. Then he can back in the fall for more of a look.

Trey and Clay were both home sick yesterday. And Aleena came home in the morning saying she felt dizzy. Thankfully D was still home to go pick her up since I was up the mountain at work. Both the big boys are back today. Trey's been out of school for almost 2 weeks after spring break and his virus. But Aleena is still home today. She did throw up last night so I don't blame her for being pretty cautious this morning.

Now it's time to get Kelli ready for preschool. It's raining and snowing here today. I'd really like to just get back into bed and read. Do you think anyone would notice?

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