Saturday, April 05, 2008

peep show for the neighbors once again!

Kelli used to be known in our neighborhood as 'naked Kelli' since she would disrobe way too often in the backyard. D was quite concerned about her love of jumping on the trampoline in the nude.

Well today was Jack E's turn. When I had my friend's kids here yesterday, one of the little boys had to go so just stopped his outside play and peed in the grass. I know they do this all the time at home or hiking or whatever so I didn't say anything. But Jack E saw him. He thought it was so funny that his friend would pee outside. He's been wanting to do it ever since.

Today after lunch he had his chance! The top half of him was still in superman jammies complete with a little red cape. He pulled his pull-up down to his ankles and let it go right there. The part of me that just wants to be finished with diapers was really proud of him. Got that pull-up back up and ran off to play.

Then he thought he might have to go a little more. So he wandered around the back yard with the pull-up around his ankles till he finally kicked it off. True to his Y chromosome, he never took his hand off his "handle". He didn't have to go anymore so we finally got him to put his pull-up back on.

But it was quite a site seeing our little superman peeing in the grass with his cape waving in the breeze. Trey got a picture but I don't think it's G rated so we'll skip it for now! LOL

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