Tuesday, June 26, 2007

we've been robbed

Yes, seriously, we were robbed. But before you start freaking out (mom!), realize that if you are not me or D the story is probably humorous to you.

Last night when I went to bed (10:30) I left the garage door open for D who was at work on his motorcycle. I knew he would be home any time and would want to put his bike in the garage. It turned out that he didn't get home until like 11:20. When I got up this morning, I looked in the garage fridge and realized it looked REALLY empty. I went on my walk thinking about it and checked again when I got home.

Yep, at least 2 6-packs of beer, 2 6-packs of Mike's Hard Lemonade and a few loose bottles/cans of beer all GONE. Now I know my kids can be a little ornery and curious, but if they drank that much, WE WOULD KNOW!!!

I'm sure there were some teens having a GOOD time last night somewhere!

It does answer another question for us though. Last weekend D and I were looking for one of those hard lemonades. I drink one every couple of weeks, and it just sounded really good on Saturday night. D said he had taken them out of the fridge and set them on the shelf right there...why could I not find them now? We looked and looked. It was really irritating to think that we had misplaced the 5 left of the 6-pack. We had some regular ones, but I really wanted the Light ones (only 2 WW points!). I guess now we know that we don't need to keep looking for those missing bottles!

So, I called the police. Do you file a report for stolen beer or not? It's up to us. I told him we'd think about it. And I'm sure the guy I talked to had a great laugh after I hung up.

I told you it was funny. If you aren't me.

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Kathy said...

That is too funny...and the picture of you and the kids at the mall is so cute!!!