Tuesday, April 11, 2006

jinxed myself!

What was I saying about how my babies don't cry??? Yeah, right!

Yesterday Jack had the mystery fussies all day. I thought maybe it was teething, but he really doesn't even have the tell-tale bumps on his gums yet. He didn't want to nap like his usual self, and since he's been up at 3 for the past three nights his mama would really like a nap!

He appears to be a little more back to normal today. And maybe it is teeth since he has one hand shoved half-way down his throat.

On another note, I have seen the future of my 2-year-old...some type of nudist colony I think. She really loves to be outside in this spring weather completely naked! I'm sure if I were less inhibited (or concerned about going to jail) I would love the spring breeze on my naked bottom, too. I put her in a dress and panties...she was naked. Just her panties...she was naked. I put her in a t-shirt and diaper...she was naked. Just a diaper...also naked.

So my apologies to the neighbor boys bouncing on their trampoline...in a few years I'm sure she will be mortified to know she spent her third spring repeatedly removing her clothes and diaper (or panties) no matter the attempts of her mother and eldest sister (already mortified) to keep her clothed.

Maybe I can go take a little rest while the little girls think I'm folding laundry...then again I'll probably return to find Kelli outside and naked! LOL...

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